Sunday, June 25, 2006

people who suck and people who rock

sorry, I try not to be negative, but...

we live in a funny area, and because of that get cut out of delivery maps frequently. Having a new puppy also means not being able to either go out for food, or spend much time cooking at home. So tonight, 9:30 on a Sunday, desperate for food I started calling around. Here's the people who suck most:
  • Famous Nicks (Not Ray's Pizza)- who are pathetically close and won't deliver
  • Rice - who just barely cut us out of the picture
  • Graziella's - whose menu says they deliver, but evidently they don't
  • Zaytoons - "that's too far, we have bicycles, not scooters" ?!?!
  • Thai 101 - after delivering no less than THREE times, it's now too far
  • Sushi D -it's too far

People who ROCK:
  • Mojito's (by a long shot!) they are waaaaay far away, and the food arrives piping hot even on a super busy Friday night!
  • Fulton Thai - okay its easy for them, but at least they do it!

Sorry, don't mean to be a downer, but we always seem to live in neighborhoods that get cut off... Will be more positive and post a Mojito's review soon! Also can't wait for pup to be big enough to go to outdoor cafe's - I hear Madiba is the BEST place to dine with pooch in tow!

(sorry will add links later, too hungry right now!)

additions 6/30

edited 7/4 - this is getting sad. the delivery options are getting smaller and smaller. having said that, this blog isn't so much about the delivery as eating out in the nabe, so I will update this list, but won't dwell on it. anyone tried indian palace? they have placed menus out and about.


Lesterhead said...

The staff at both Luz and Sushi D LOVE my dog when I bring her and sit outside. Also, Rope bar on Myrtle is dog-friendly.

Anonymous said...

Most places with a patio in the Ft. Greene area are dog-friendly (a big plus about NYC in general over other cities I've lived in). So the good news it that you don't have to go to Madiba (way over-priced, not good, not authentic S. African food, and pretty lame service in my experience-- plus, they really don't take care of their regulars at all!!). I second the Luz nomination, though. Rope and Sushi D too.

Anonymous said...

I've seen a lot of dogs at the outdoor seating at Chez Oscar, too. (I never take my dog because he gets too excited by other dogs and barks!)

Anonymous said...

Graziella's does deliver but within limited times. I'm sorry but after trying Mojito's twice, it may be hot but it sucks...

Rich Woods said...

Yeah, Graziella's dropped off menus at our building on Classon Ave but then said it was too far when we called and wouldn't capitulate when I pointed out that I wouldn't have known about them had it not been for the menu that they themselves left for me read. Yeah they suck. Sushi Tatsu on Flatbush delivers. Amin Indian on Dekalb will deliver but their chicken tikka masala isn't consistent. And we've ordered good stuff from the middle eastern pitza place (name escapes me at the moment).

Dahl said...

I've ordered from Not Rays when I lived on Dean and 6th - don't know if that's closer than you but you might want to check again. Also, Joy (Indian on Flatbush), delivers to us on Atlantic and Washington so you might want to check them out.

Lunchtastic said...

Do report on Madiba on DeKalb when you have a chance - I had an unimpressive meal there, but reviews seem pretty variable.