Tuesday, November 21, 2006

taking a hiatus

I figure the holidays are as good as time as any....

I have come to the realization that I do a lot more eating, drinking and playing around Clinton Hill thank I actually write about. I took a whole bunch of pictures of buildings I wanted to see renovated, and never posted them. I have shopped at Who's Your Doggy, Natural Heights, Cloth and the Habana Outpost Market, eaten meals from Choice, Fulton Thai, Kush, Urban Spring, Brown Betty, Black Iris, Outpost and Smooch. And I never wrote about them (much less photo'd them).

So while its been fun, and hopefully helpful to anyone who has come across this site, I am going to take an extended hiatus. I might check back in and leave a note now and then, but considering what an incredibly great job Lesterhead and Brooklyn Jay are doing covering the Clinton Hill scene (inside and out!) with ClintonHillBlog, then I will bow out gracefully.

I am looking forward to upcoming meals at Ici, Bonitas, Pillow Cafe and Burger 67. And if I ever get around to the project where I sample every one of the sinfully yummy treats at Choice Market, I will let you know about that too!

I will also keep the map updated with new (and old) restaurants and shops.


Lesterhead said...

I am very sad to hear of your hiatus! If you're ever itching to write a review, email me and you can do a guest post on CHB! We'd love to have you :)

esm said...

Thanks Lesterhead for the note - funny enough it is hard to go out to eat and *not* think of writing up comments! We ate out lots this long weekend (I swore off cooking after thanksgiving). Choice saw us for breakfast I think 3 times. We had a good brunch (not great, but nice enough) at Chez Oskar and a fairly good dinner at Pequena - the highlight was actually a sinfully decadent dinner at Artisanal in Manhattan. Up next - Bonitas! (Trying not to comment too much!)