Monday, April 10, 2006

Back on the Hill

I first moved to Clinton Hill in the fall of 1993. I lived in a gorgeous brownstone (okay, it had a few problems) on St. James Place between Greene and Gates. I also lived on Carlton (which is technically Fort Greene). I moved back to Clinton Hill, this time on the other side of Fulton. I am thrilled to be back in the neighborhood, I always thought it had a charm unmatched in other neighborhoods. I look forward to exploring all the new areas, and revisiting the old. I have started a 'Community Walk' map - easily one of the coolest tools on the web which maps food, shops, etc in the area. I will fill it in with comments and pictures as we continue to explore. Please feel free to send me information or add comments here or too the map directly. I would love for this to be an ongoing and community project! I will double post reviews and pictures here and on the map. You can access the map here:

It is such a lovely thing that the day we moved in was something like the first day of spring in new york. It just felt right. The choco-kitty has been enjoying the sunny windows (we haven't had direct sun in about 7 years), and I and G-pup are enjoying the big kitchen, and the neighborhood.

Look forward to enjoying the neighborhood that all of you that already live here have helped to build and grow - sorry I have been gone for so long!


Dara said...

My husband and I are moving to Clinton Hill (your side of Fulton) in a few weeks. Which street are you on? We joined the CSA as well. How are you liking the neighborhood?

esm said...

We are really loving it. There are certainly drawbacks (compared to our previous housing - on a garden on a park) but mostly we love the neighborhood and are seeing constant development and a real feeling of a community on our street. Feel free to post your email addy spelled out (dara at email dot com), and i will delete the comment and would be happy to talk to you more about specifics! Hope the map helps you out though, and feel free to add to it as you discover the neighborhood too!

dara said...
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Lesterhead said...

Just found your site- love it! I've been in CH for two years + now, and adore it.