Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Brooklyn is the new black

Well, absolutely everyone, and I mean, everyone, is talking about, arguing about, complaining about the "Brooklyn Style" edition of New York Magazine. And guess what, turns out we're
"looser and more playful than its Manhattan counterpart, homey and ironic, comfortable but always conscious of its looks, and often of its politics (green and recycled are key)."
But hey, we already knew that, we've been that way for years. We're also crafty, enjoy our neighbors, stylish, and, hungry!

So hungry in fact that according to the NY Mag map of all that's hip and cool, it would appear that Fort Greene ate Clinton Hill, Park Slope ate Prospect Heights, and Williamsburg ate Bushwick. Oh well, never mind, they got it right at least in the article on the foods.

Featured were Ici in Fort Greene, "...there'’s a French grace to the setting, but the menu stays close to home..." and CH's Locanda Vini e Olii, " It took guts ... to open their Clinton Hill restaurant in a culinary near vacuum of landmarked brownstone Brooklyn."

Um, thanks, I think.

And thanks to the article I now know to go check out Cloth, "As chic as organic clothing gets" and Yu Interiors "Tasteful vintage furniture mixes with Jonathan Adler." (And will add them to the ever growing and much cooler real map of Clinton Hill!)

And this just in via Super Vegan Blog - Red Bamboo is hosting an opening party tonight, "Complimentary hors d'oeuvres (oh, yeah!) and cash bar. The party goes on from 7pm through 1am. "

See y'all there?

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