Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Spring roundup

We were planning on doing a lot of house fixing up and working on some freelance projects that we are super late on delivering, but with such gorgeous weather outside!!!

We decided to take a walk through the neighborhood and head over to the farmer's market. We walked down DeKalb to check out all of the places I have listed on the map (and a few I don't). I will have to post the images later because they are on the digital camera - better quality, but a longer wait to get them (don't ask).

We stopped in for a quick coffee at Tillies. Very friendly very busy place, I can see why it is popular - well located and an absolutely stunning array of delicious looking pastries. Even some vegan ones. We wanted to wait and get some goodies at the market so passed on the pastries (were those Cake Man Raven red velvet cupcakes??) The coffee (once it cooled and don't even get me started on that) was good. Not the best I have had, not the worst. It is, however, a great gathering spot, which hosts a variety of events. (Check their website for more information).

We also popped into L'Epicerie, which has gotten a variety of reviews on Chowhound, SetSpeed, and Brownstoner. We only browsed, but the focaccia looked beautiful, as did the vegetables and something was cooking in back that smelled divine. Will let you know more as we get to try some cheeses (as we undoubtedly will).

Walked past the newly opened Red Bamboo, which is getting mixed reviews on the CHB (I can't keep writing out 'Clinton Hill Boards'), but we love the one on west 4th and look forward to trying this one too. Especially if they have a good dj as one commenter suggested on the map.

We loved visiting the small, but friendly farmer's market in Fort Greene park. I wanted to buy some plants, but am holding out for the member's preview of the BBG plant sale. We did pick up a yummy quiche, and I apologize that we ate it too fast to either photograph or note the name of the vendor.

I have a couple of places to add to the map and if anyone has any information regarding them please add comments to the map or here so I can put in the information (even before we go try them out). They are: Smooch on Carlton @ DeKalb and June at 229 DeKalb.

On the way home we stopped into the charming Olivino wine shop on Fulton to pick up some things for my new habit - Port Wine. We asked for suggestions and walked out with a 10 year old Warre's Otima, and a moscato ('redolent of honeysuckle and ripe peach), Dolce Sogno. The port is a lovely tangy (can you call it that) not to expensive tawny. Saving the moscato opening for the imminent arrival of Seattle mom and family.

We ordered again from Fulton Thai, and again forgot to take pictures. The food is certainly good, but I wouldn't say great by any means. Maybe it is what we are ordering? Anyone have any suggestions? (It is nowhere near as good as the Thai Cafe on Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint).

On Easter Sunday we did what it seems pretty much every other Brooklynite did, we went to the Botanic Gardens to see the early cherry blossoms and tulips. We definitely can't wait to go to Sakura Matsuri in a couple of weeks. It was packed but as gorgeous as always. I did get a little cranky about the incredible lack of bike parking (they have it but it was all full) and the difficulty in biking from the Gardens over to Prospect Park. Grand Army is fuuuun on a bike. (In the not really way).

We had a picnic of some vague imitations of croissants that I made, some dried dates from Delicacies, and some wonderful cheeses from Bierkraft. The first was a washed rind double cream, Robiola Querciola. It ripened nicely and was a mild washed rind cheese. It paired well with a slightly stronger mini chevron (which looked like a brain). Again - oops no pictures (I will get the hang of this soon!)

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Mr. Minerva said...

What?? Tillies?? Fulton Thai?? Are you kidding me??

Coffee: iCi, right next door to Tillies on Dekalb. MUCH better coffee, fresh out of the oven croissants in the morning (they open at 8am Tue-Sun). Generally much less churly staff than Tillies, too. And the one's that are churly have the excuse of being french. ;-)

Thai: Thai 101, 455 Myrtle (twixt Washington & Waverly). Delivery - 718-855-4615. Best thai in the nabe by a long shot.