Monday, April 10, 2006

A look of surprise Kush on Putnam

We made a point to take a break during the craziness that is unpacking after a move. We wanted to go somewhere convenient and that offered an escape. Kush was a great choice. A self described 'french african' restaurant, Kush serves up african influenced continental cuisine in a warm, friendly and inviting environment. We were really looking forward to moving to a neighborhood where we could feel like we were more a part of a 'community' and Kush is a strong part of that -- on to the food though!

We decided to try some of their homemade juices, g-pup had the tamarind, which is a flavor we both really enjoy, and the Kush version was crisp, refreshing and full of tamarind and cinnamon flavor. I tried the sorrel (having seen a number of bottled shandys with sorrel). The flavor is unique and distinct. The beginning tastes like a juice, and the finish is almomst barbque like. If anyone can describe this better, please do!

Kush serves toasted bread and a dipping oil chock full of olives that was tasty.

Our meal started with a salade de chevre, tossed mesculin salad with an almond dressing. On the side were two golden medallions of fried goat cheese. Don't freak out at the world fried, the coating is light enough to not absorb oil, and the result is a wonderful medley of warm soft goat cheese and a lightly crunch crust. Also on the salad were a couple of tomato wedges topped with what I think was an almond topping - something like a nut salsa. The entire arrangement was a variety of flavors and textures.

Which is also a good description for my meal, the Kush Kush Vegetarian. What a wonderful myriad dish. In the center was a medley of rice, chick peas, greens and spices. On top were roasted veg (eggplant, zucchini, squash, plaintains - yum) and extremely thinly sliced tofu. The tofu were coated with crumbs and again had the deft quick fry job of the chevre, which left crunchiness without oiliness. The flavors of the dish were so wonderful and diverse I couldn't stop eating, even though I was full! Our host was even shocked that I finished it all :)

G-pup treated himself to a Baked Penne Vodka with Shrimps (a bit of a surprise ont the menu - but there were a couple of pasta dishes). He was thrilled with it. He lavished on the rich creamy dish the compliment 'this tastes like something you would cook!' He too finished his heaping bowl of pasta. I tried it before the shrimps got mixed in, and it was a wonderful balance of creamy flavor and texture, without being too heavy handed.

We really wanted to try the Tatin (with pears and plaintains) but couldn't fit that in! (We'll be back for brunch though).

As we were leaving we got a warm and jovial goodbye from our host - made us feel so welcome!

see map here:

(I promise to get better at the pictures!)

Kush Cafe
17 Putnam Avenue
Closed Mondays
Tues - Fri 11 am - 12 am
Sat 9 am - 12 am
Sun 9 am - 11 pm
Cash & Credit Cards

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